Educational reach: after

Participants were asked to describe their organisation's educational reach after completing this project, particularly in relation to clever use of ICTs and learner outcomes: results, reach and retention

Results showed spectacular improvement, particularly in the quality of the projects students are producing.
The results have been very inspiring. As one teacher exclaimed: “ We are improving tremendously”.
Reach: Education and employment are the most common reasons why students attend. The students’ reach has improved. The primary aim is to provide the students with skills that make them job ready. The students are doing it because they want jobs. Local training networks are seeking them out. The students who are not finding employment are also benefiting from a more professional environment. Older stduents are keeping up with children and grand children, and in many casesd now helping their children on the computers.
Retention rates have improved dramatically, they now have waiting list for most classes.

Educational and vocational content and how it is delivered: both accredited and pre- accredited curriculum:

At FRWP all computer classes are pre-accredited- because Manrico prefers to have a more flexible approach.
Students want results.They want to be able to use particular software well- well enough to work as a professional, they don’t want a qualification. They don't need a certificate as there is more demand for specific skills and tasks. FRWP students are accepted into RMIT on and RPL basis - not being accredited is not a barrier to their pathways. The curriculum is very learner centred and negotiated based on student demand.

Read this publication by FRWP on the difference this program has made to student retention: