Flemington Reading and Writing Program

Now known as Farnham Street Neighbourhood Learning Centre

You need to have the capacity to deliver. Because of this, the project was a success and it has flown on to other parts of the organisation. We learned something from each of the other people we met in the project. If we were not as knowledgeable, we may not have learned as much.
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Blended learning @ Flemington

The team at Flemington faced a very particular challenge in that the students in their intermediate or advanced courses consist of a high percentage of NESB women. Currently they miss many classes because of commitments with children and other dependant family members.The students are exceptionally committed and usually focused on training to obtain skills to improve employability. They wish to attend multiple high level classes and the homework classes that are available, but other obligations make this difficult.
They have low income and usually low formal education. They are also looking for casual work and often miss classes if work becomes available. If they have computers at home, these are low-value, old or obsolete computers.
Offering them a blended learning option was seen as a natural extension of the skills and knowledge they are developing in the classroom and would aid their continued study outside the classroom.
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Clever use of ICT - vision and implementation

At Flemington Reading and Writing Program (FRWP), a clever use of ICTs could mean that every student will have a computer to support their learning, once they get to a certain level. I could also mean that the organisation will be able to support community members to become developers, designers and programmers. How will they achieve this? What are their challenges? Read more for full details.

Organisational capacity

FRWP is an ACFE provider based in Flemington. This project has demonstrated that they have a commitment and readiness to continue to develop ICT enabled teaching solutions for their community. It also shows quite clearly that FRWP has the capacity to do this, with considerable exprience in this field.
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Educational reach

Has the use of ICTs increased their reach and made a difference in retention? The results have been nothing short of spectacular, accroding to the project co-ordinator. Read more for full details on how FRWP achieved this.

Community portrait

Who is FRWP reaching with their use of technology? What do the students think?
What are the community's ICT needs and how do they know? Read more for full details.