Community portrait

Where are we at?

The staff at Flemington RWP were asked to plot themselves on a perspectives continuum that sought to plot their e-learning journey and give us two moments in time - before and after the project. Below is a visual representation of the perspectives document. This shows where FRWP placed themselves on the continuum at the conclusion of the project.(For more information about the research perspectives, visit

You can also download both documents from the links below:

FRWP perspectives before commencement of the trial
FRWP perspectives at completion of the trial

ICT in the community

Community is a mixture of middle class migrants and working class Aussies. A mix of these comes to computer classes. Lower socio economic groups don't have computers at home or have very basic computers at home. The students at FRWP are exceptionally committed and usually focussed on training to obtain skills to improve employability. They tryto attend multiple high level classes and the homework classes that we run, but often they can’t. They have low income and usually low formal education. They are also looking for casual work and often miss classes if work becomes available. If they have computers at home, these are low-value, old or obsolete computers.

Community reach and readiness

As the perspectvies document indicates, the reach is still mainly local . Their target group is very close to the local community, although they do have a number of students that come from far away suburbs through extended networks and word of mouth.
Extended reach can be attributed to the project - all the advanced students were informed of the project through information sessions and through the Digital storytelling aspects of the project, which generated a lot of interest. The students created their own digital story of the project and can be viewed at:
The AccessACE project allowed teacher to implement new ideas.


The project has generated many new ideas and there has certainly been a high level of interest from participating students. This project focussed solely on retention and that has been a great success. In general the level of community knowledge of IT is quite low.